Colonia, New Jersey

I called Media Camping Center in Media PA to inquire about bringing my newly-purchased travel trailer in for routine service. I asked them for an inspection, repack the wheel bearings, and pressure test the water lines for leaks (as the camper was not winterized and I wasn't sure if the lines had developed leaks from the winter freeze).

They scheduled my appointment for Tuesday, 5/4. We dropped it off the weekend prior so they would have it at the start of the day on Tuesday. After a couple of calls to them inquiring about the status, I was told that they hadn't completed all of the items yet, but it would be ready for my pickup on Saturday 5/15 (my family and I have our first camp trip of the season next weekend). After several more calls, they promised to confirm with the service department (?) and return my call confirming that the work had been done.

That never happened. After informing them twice that I'd be in to pickup my camper on Saturday 5/15 (they never said it would be a problem), when I called to let them know I'd be coming, the woman owner said that they hadn't even started on the service yet.

When I asked why the misinformation from what I had been told on two priort calls to her information, she was rude and said that I never had an "appointment" and that all they allowed me to do was to bring the camper in so it could be there when they got to it.

I've never heard of a respectable business confirming a service appointment for a specific date, and then acknowledging that the date wasnt' actually the date they intended to perform the service?

But most aggravating of addition to the two round trips to drop off and pickup, plus the wasted time taht the camper could have been serviced at another dealer, was the woman's apologies, no offer to get it in on Monday, or anything that resembled customer service.

I'm not a complainer, but please, just don't lie. Either confirm that the service won't be performed on the date you said, or let your customers know that just because you give them a drop-off date, doesn't mean that the service will be performed close to that date.....even two weeks later.

Please do yourself a favor, and avoid these people. Either complete chaos and disorganization (look at the inside of their office), or simply complete lack of respect for their customers.....either way, a complete waste of your time. There are other dealers in the area who are much more professional and customer-focused (Stolzfus RV & Marine in West Chester to name one....even though we didn't buy our camper from them, they been pleasant, courteous, and professional).

I got a funny feeling that they either lied about it being ready, or they were incompetent. Apparently, both. When I called this morning to tell them that I'd be by to pick it up before they closed, the woman who answered the phone was rude. She said it wasn't done, and that the appointment for 5/4 wasn't to do the service, but rather just to drop it off. They would get to the camper on a first-come, first-served basis.

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