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Dealer hooked the utility trailer to my truck and sent me on my way. They failed to lift the stabilizer jacks and place them in the tow position. Jacks were destroyed.

I wanted the owner to exchange the trailer but he would not. He had an employee burn the jacks off and weld new ones on.

When I returned home which is 8 hours away. I noticed the jacks were welded on incorrectly. Also a bearing cap had came off.

I contacted RPM Toyhauler to purchase two new jacks and bearings. They forward my letter to MCC and the owner called me. He wanted to holler at me laugh at the letter I had sent. He said the company will not give you the items. I told him I wanted to buy them. He continued to holler at me until I just hung up the phone.

MCC wants your money and as soon as they get it you are forgot about. MCC was the cause of my trailer damage and now I have to pay to a welder to fix their below standard repairs.

Monetary Loss: $3400.

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Fretz RV went down hill for Service. All the nice people in the office are gone.

The women in the office now is rude and the service manager does not give a s**t. I will never go back there.


If the dealer hooked up your trailer, why would you have to re-check it. Aren't they the professionals?

When you go to the docotor, do you ask to re-check the blood pressure reading that was taken? Give me a break, I'm with Usmaleky!


Shame on you for not checking before you left.

Maybe you should get some lessons on pre-trip.

Media is not at fault, you are. :eek


You didn't check them before you moved. Are you not supposed to do a walk around and check everything like the lights, tires, jakes, and double check the hitch.


Try Fretz RV...they are GREAT. They are located in Souderton, PA.

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